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Hudson Ross
October 12th, 2022

I'm blown away by StudyBuddy! This tool has saved me so much time and hassle, especially when working on unsupported websites. I followed the instructions and had no issues. All you have to do is install the extension and you pretty much have to only click the button and gives you correct answers within seconds. It’s a game changer - I highly recommend giving it a try.

Liam Brown
July 15th, 2022

StudyBuddy is a lifesaver! I was struggling with a difficult math problem set, but with just a click, I had all the correct answers right away. It helped me complete my assignments super quickly. Definitely recommend!!!

Scott Miller
July 30th, 2022

This AI button is a game-changer! It made completing my work so much easier. Thank you!

Charly Rodriguez
October 28th, 2022

If you're struggling with online coursework, you need StudyBuddy! It's easy to use and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend it!

John Gayle
July 18th, 2022

I'm 15 years old and I've been struggling with my homework and online tests. But ever since I found out Studybuddy (saw a video on tiktok), everything's been so much easier. The app is super user-friendly, and I’m now able to finish my assignments within just a few minutes. And it's not just me who thinks so. My friends have all started using it too, and they love it just as much as I do.

Ethan Davis
August 23rd, 2022

Highly recommend Study buddy for anyone who wants to save time and get ace their exams and homeworks. It's easy to use and provides accurate answers literally 100% of the time. You can’t go wrong.

Mia Thompson
November 18th, 2022

StudyBuddy is a life-saver for my online classes! The robot feature is super helpful, and I'm able to get all the answers correct. It can be slow sometimes but definitely an excellent app for homework & quizzes. Highly recommend this app!

Michael Reyes
August 11th, 2022

I love how StudyBuddy has helped me stay on top of my coursework. It's made a huge difference in my grades and has taken so much stress off my shoulders. I absolutely love the snapshot feature - it literally never gets wrong. My learning platform wasn’t compatible at first, but I reached out to support and they made it compatible within a few minutes.

Fletcher Johnson
November 15th, 2022

I was having problem solving a difficult science assignment, but StudyBuddy helped me complete it in no time. It's been a lifesaver!

Sarah Monroe
August 29th, 2022

This app is a must-have for anyone struggling with online coursework. I downloaded it and was able to finish an assignment in just a few minutes. It's truly a game-changer!

Olivia Garcia
September 27th, 2022

As someone who struggles with test-taking, studybuddy has been a game-changer. It helped me improve my grades significantly. I always leave some answers intentionally wrong to not get caught lol.


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How does this work?
“Ask StudyBuddy” button appears just below each questions in your LMS, and provides accurate answers with just one click.
Will my teachers find out?
No! Studybuddy is 100% foolproof, undetectable and can even outsmart your teacher’s special program.
How do we keep your data secure?
We only transmit your information over HTTPS.
Is it plagiarism proof?
Yes! Studybuddy is 100% original and provides plagiarism-proof answers guaranteed.
What is your refund policy?
We offer seamless refunds. If you’re not satisfied with Studybuddy - just email us and we’ll refund/cancel your subscription.
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Yes! Shoot us over an email at [email protected] and we’ll send you all the details on our affiliate program.